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Chlorinated paraffins

Chlorinated paraffins

Chlorinated paraffins, also known as chloroparaffins, are hydrocarbons synthesized through the chlorination of n-alkanes. Their properties vary depending on the chain length and degree of chlorination, which can range from 30 to 70 percent.

Chlorinated paraffins have a wide range of industrial applications. For example, they are used as flame retardants, plasticizers and binders.

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Chlorinated paraffins can be subdivided into three categories based on their carbon chain length: short-chained, medium-chained and long-chained.

They can take on different physical states depending on their carbon chain length and chlorine content. Chlorinated paraffins can exist as a free-flowing or highly viscous liquid, or even a glassy or waxy solid. They can also appear colorless, white or yellowish.

Chlorinated paraffins are highly resistant to light, other chemicals and high temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit). When subject to heat, they undergo thermal degradation to produce the non-flammable hydrogen chloride. Chloroparaffins are therefore known for their low flammability.

If chloroparaffins are further exposed to high temperatures, recombination reactions will take place and suppress fires and their propagation.

Chlorinated paraffins are poorly soluble in water but highly soluble in fats and oils. Similar to other chlorinated hydrocarbons, they are known to be persistent and are highly resistant to degradation in the environment. 

As a result, following a risk assessment, the EU has prohibited the use and sale of short-chained chlorinated paraffins since 2012. 

Chlorinated paraffins are highly complex mixtures of paraffins with differing chain lengths, chlorine contents and structures, meaning there are countless types of molecules. 

In general, chloroparaffins are polychlorinated, straight-chain saturated hydrocarbons with 10 to 30 carbon atoms.

The chlorination of n-alkanes results in various chloroalkanes with complex structures and chlorine contents between 30 and 70 percent.

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Chlorinated paraffins have a wide range of applications. For instance, they are used as plasticizers in plastics, particularly PVC. They are also added to joint sealants, metalworking oils, coatings and paints to take advantage of their useful properties. Chloroparaffins serve important functions in paints and coatings, acting as a plasticizer for binders and even as a corrosion inhibitor.

In metalworking, chlorinated paraffins are used as extreme-pressure/antiwear (EP/AW) additives. These additives are especially crucial in drawing oils and cutting oils used in metalworking because they help reduce friction and wear.

Due to their flame-retardant properties, chloroparaffins are also added to rubber and plastic to effectively inhibit the outbreak of fire.

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