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Are you looking for specialty chemicals and food additives? We can supply them. In guaranteed quality, at stable prices, packed appropriately for transportation and delivered punctually. Do you need advice on choosing chemicals and/or raw materials or on the product formula? We are there for you. You can find our solutions for the relevant product area by clicking on the corresponding symbol.



Make use of your opportunities – with our services!


Make use of your opportunities – with our services!

The diverse portfolio of TER Chemicals comprises high-quality products for almost all branches of industry: binding agents, emulsifiers, surfactants and waxes for the leather and textiles industries. For automotive construction we supply tailored glass fibers, fiber rovings and mats for the production of lightweight material composites. For die casting, we supply separating agents. And you can be sure we have the right solution for you too –put us to the test!


Chemical products are used in almost every industrial sector. But it is not always easy for the industry to find a partner who scores with a high range of products and individual solutions.

So we as a chemical distributor would like to convince you, because in the chemical industry we are known as a global leader. Whether chemical products, renewable raw materials or specialty chemicals - we are guaranteed to find a solution that fits your company.

Our selection of chemical products is diverse and includes a huge range for our B2B customers. All raw materials can be easily ordered online and thus we have been supplying major manufacturers as a competent chemical distributor for years.

Our focus is on the following product groups:






Cellulose ethers

Chlorinated paraffins


Drinking water treatment



Glass fibers


Food additives






Polyvinyl alcohols


Wax dispersions


Our goal is to provide the chemical industry with all relevant raw materials. We attach great importance to quality, transparency and reliability. If your product group is not listed, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to expand our range and are open to suggestions.

Due to our wide range of products, we are proud to be able to serve customers from numerous industries.

Especially in industrial applications, our chemical products and raw materials help in the production of certain items - both nationally and internationally.

As a chemical distributor, we serve the following areas in the B2B industry:




Paints and lacquers

Construction industry


Household and hygiene




Pet food

Water chemistry

And many others

Of course, the above-mentioned areas of application are only a small selection, because our products are also represented in numerous other industries - for example, in vehicle construction, in the textile industry, in paper production or in electrical engineering.

We combine our product portfolio with many years of experience in chemistry and industry, so that you can count on us as a leading chemical distributor worldwide. Thus, we at TER Chemicals form a link between chemical production and industrial companies, as we are both purchasers and suppliers of raw materials. We not only take care of reliable delivery, but also of safe storage and compliance with all legal requirements. We always attach great importance to using primarily renewable raw materials.

So you can count on our specialty products to meet and perhaps even exceed all your requirements.

Because of our wide range of products, we can proudly say that our raw materials perfectly meet our customers' needs.

For example, our oils, waxes and vaselines are used in the cosmetics industry and are considered important ingredients in creams or other care products. Our functional additives, on the other hand, are components of printing inks and coatings, which score with viscosity, long shelf life, gloss and scratch resistance.

Our additives are also in great demand in the manufacture of plastics, because they improve the properties of the material and ensure easy processing. The construction industry also swears by our knowledge as a chemical distributor. Their materials must be weather-resistant, water-repellent and insensitive to UV radiation. So we help with thickeners and waxes so that the construction industry can use improved materials.

We also supply the adhesives industry, which uses our raw materials such as resins, waxes and additives to produce new types of adhesives. A completely different area is the food industry. It uses our acids, waxes and thickeners as safe additives for foodstuffs or coatings for food supplements.

In water chemistry, our specialty chemicals ensure that drinking water can be treated, filtered or disinfected.

Thus, our chemical products are used everywhere and help the chemical industry in numerous relevant processes.

Our highest value is trust. We place this trust in our international supply partners and count on the highest quality and safety. In return, a great deal of trust is also placed in our company - both by our distributors and suppliers and by our customers.

As our customers, you can look forward to fast delivery - regardless of the location from which you place your order. Thanks to short lead times, we can also respond to flexible requests and thus meet your individual needs.

Throughout the entire supply chain, we naturally comply with all legal requirements and standards in terms of safety, hygiene and packaging. But we also care about sustainability and environmental awareness. For example, a quarter of the products we source are made from renewable raw materials.

No matter what industry you come from - we are guaranteed to find a solution that suits you and your products. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can also answer any open questions you may have about our product range and its areas of application. So don't be afraid to contact us. Because we always have an open ear.