About Xylitol

Reducing sugar in the diet and the search for the right sugar alternatives are ongoing trend topics. Unfortunately, processed foods and soft drinks are frequent “sugar traps,” as they contain hidden sugars that consumers are not aware of. Among other things, this means that the maximum daily sugar intake for many Germans is sometimes twice as high as the guideline value recommended by the WHO. And that’s why we have an alternative for you!

Sweetness comparable to sugar but only half the calories

Xylitol – a natural sugar alcohol

Sugar substitutes can offer a good alternative when it comes to saving calories without compromising on sweetness, and the sugar substitute xylitol is becoming increasingly popular as a low-calorie sugar substitute. This raw material is obtained from wood sugar (xylose) or from the remains of corn cobs.

What makes xylitol special?

Some advantages of xylitol are heat stability at temperatures up to 200 degrees, as well as the cooling effect (refreshing effect) that occurs in the mouth through contact with saliva.

Use of xylitol is particularly popular in the following applications:

  • Foods for diabetics
  • Baked goods
  • Chewing gum
  • Preserves and desserts
  • But also simply as a table sweetener

TER Chemicals offers you a wide range of xylitol based on corn or wood. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements or questions.

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